Short Escape: Tops Cebu


After a busy day at work, you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for a moment. But considering your little amount of time and money, you can’t just pack your things and go out-of-town. It requires time especially if you travel with someone.

So, where would be the best place to visit instead? I personally suggest Tops Cebu. It’s a 20 minutes drive from the city with an extra uphill adventure.You will enjoy the romantically breathtaking view of the city lights, breathe some fresh air, or just a simple conversation with your loved ones and friends. And by the way, have you watched the movie Must be Love? You probably already know, but in case you don’t, this place is one of their film locations.:)




Apart from the lovely view, there are tables available in the place so you can bring your own food and drinks. They have restaurants but it’s a little pricey. A 500ml bottled water costs 40 pesos.

How to get there?

By habal2x- From JY square, just tell the driver you’re going to tops. Habal2x drivers know the place very well. We were charged 140 pesos each back and forth.

Private Transpo- Just take the road going to Mt. View from JY square.  

Expenses: (good for 2pax)

Fare- 280

Entrance Fee- 200 ( Not reasonable though)

Bottled Water- 40


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