Marathon : Cebu City Marathon


Apart from my interest in books and traveling, I am also a self-proclaimed health enthusiast. When I live away from home to work, I became very independent. Yeey! I’m freeee! I had to do my laundry, pay my bills, and cook my own food.But cooking was a challenge to me for 2 invalid reasons. First, because I don’t have time to cook and second, because I don’t know how to cook or let me rephrase it, ” I don’t like cooking”. If that makes me unqualified to be a wife? Okay, fine! =D

After months of settling with fast foods and canned goods, I realized my unhealthiness. So I changed a bit of my lifestyle. I finally cook and eat healthily. I also exercise at least 3x a week. And for the record, I had my first half marathon for this year.

As part of my 21k preparation, here are some of my fun run photos.






(C) Paksit Photos


Last January, I joined the Cebu City Marathon organized by Runrio. This usually happens before Sinulog and it is considered a big event because thousands of runners are coming to join the race. Categories are 5k, 21k, and 42k. Cut off time for 21k is 4 hours and I reached the finish line after 2 hours and 48 minutes. A 2 hours run and a 48 minutes power walk.:)


If you’re going to ask what  I learned from joining a marathon?–It’s how to discipline myself. I was able to test my endurance and patience.


So, what are you waiting?Challenge your limits and sign up for your first marathon now.


3 thoughts on “Marathon : Cebu City Marathon

  1. cbholganza June 4, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    Good job! Used to run before, but now, because of my heart condition (and age 🙃) I’m limited to walking. Try reading Bald Runner’s blog. He can give you some tips on places to run. 😊 Good luck on your runs, friend!


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