Coron: Mt. Tapyas


Coron has been popular with tourist and local travelers, and it is easy to recognize why. The place is blessed with excellent dive locations, stunning limestone rock formations, clean lakes, close to perfect white sand beaches, good food/friendly people, and of course the beautiful mountains.

As proof, here’s an aerial view of Coron. Make sure to grab the window seat and take a photo of this incredible beauty.


We arrived in Busuanga late in the afternoon. We were picked up from the airport by van and went straight to Casa Montemar where I booked our hotel. We scheduled our tours in the reception and paid the necessary fees. Had a rest for an hour and started our first day of the tour.

1st Destination: Souvenir Shop

Handmade artifacts.
The tasty cashew nuts.

If you ever wonder how these nuts are being processed, I can share with you my quick experience. First, you have to cut the nuts into half. Peel off the skin manually.Wash properly. Let the peeled nuts get totally dry and finally, have it baked or steamed. It is a lengthy process, the reason why it’s also quite expensive.


2nd Destination: Lualhati park (was named after the former mayor and governor’s mother) This is where the boats dock for island hopping tours.


view of Mt. Tapyas from lualhati park.

3rd Destination: Mt. Tapyas. It has 720 steps to reach the summit. And another 720 steps downhill. Before you start the hike, make sure to bring water to avoid getting dehydrated.

620 steps more..=D

After the 100 steps, It feels like I already had 500. I was on the verge of complaining when I remember I’m a 21k finisher. Haha!



Finally, we reached the summit and witnessed the 360-degree view of Coron and the islets surrounding it. It was indeed a refreshing and rewarding hike.


view from the summit
groufie as if we’re in Batanes. ( Joemar, myself, and Joey) Lol


Who would skip the sunset and say it’s boring? I think, none..:) To complete the hike, we make time for sunset. Mt. Tapyas is also a perfect place for sunset watching.


Planning to visit Coron? Check out Travel guide to Coron

Happy Traveling! 🙂

Total Expenses= 500 pesos

7 thoughts on “Coron: Mt. Tapyas

  1. chardybaldyosa May 14, 2016 / 3:13 pm

    Hehe Your photos are lovely! Going to check your suggestions out! Much love! – BALDYOSA ❤


  2. Simon planetkiwiblog May 29, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    We didn’t visit Mt Tapyas because we didn’t have enough time. But the cruise between El Nido and Coron was amazing!! Great post and nice pictures. Congratulations. You are lucky to live in the Philippines 🙂


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