Travel Guide: Bantayan Island

Weeks before my prelim exams, I was already thinking about where to go next. Even with a decision to postpone all my travels to focus on my studies, I still find time to do the things I love. I always have this moment in life where all I do is stay in front of the computer and search for places I want to go.

I’ve been to Bantayan a few years back, and there is only one thing that never changed, the white sand beach of Santa Fe.



There were seaweeds in the area due to the northeast monsoon. This is normally what you get when traveling on a rainy season. =D

Together with Joemar, we arrived at exactly 9am after a bumpy boat ride from the mainland. We stayed at Mayet’s beach Resort and rented a motorbike.I was excited to tour around Bantayan island but got a little nervous when he told me he hasn’t tried driving for long hours and that it would be his first time. But knowing that the roads there are in good condition, I trusted his driving skills. So, here is the list of interesting things to do in Bantayan.

Things to do in Bantayan

Skydiving- (19k) Unfortunately, the travel buff can’t afford this, but this is one of the best things to do when in Bantayan. So, if your budget permits, go skydiving and witness the breathtaking view of Bantayan from above. Check out their FB page Skydive Greater Cebu

Visit Omagieca Mangrove Garden (Entrance Fee: 30Php)- it has a bridge made of bamboo surrounded by a lot of mangroves.


Visit Maia’s Beach Resort ( Entrance Fee: 50) No entrance fee if you order food at their restaurant. They also have rooms available if you like to stay at the resort. Price ranges from 1 500-2000 per night.




Visit a poultry farm- Bantayan island is the egg basket of the Visayas, so this means poultry farm is everywhere.Strike a conversation with the owner or staff like this farm gets 1,000 eggs/day. Wow, that’s a lot of eggs.😃


Take a photo of this beautiful mahogany trees- I found this nature view while on our way to Madridejos and I instantly get my camera to have it photographed. It actually makes me feel refreshed after months of living in the city seeing only tall buildings every day, not to mention the traffic congestion in the metro.




Visit Kota Beach and Bontay Baywalk– another beach you should visit located in Madridejos. I came here for the baywalk but unfortunately, it was closed because of the strong waves.



Go swimming in Ogtong Cave. (Entrance Fee: 100Php)  The cave is very well maintained since it is located inside Ogtong cave resort. They have 1 outdoor swimming pool and villas. For reservations, visit their FB page Ogtong Cave Beach Resort







Buy some pasalubong- Dried fish is a traditional Filipino dish and you can find a variety of it in their Public market.

Dried fish

Island hopping (Virgin island)– I was not able to go island hopping since the weather was not cooperating with my plans but Virgin island should not be missed on your visit to Bantayan.

on our way home.😊

Bantayan Island

3 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Bantayan Island

  1. Jakey @ Tarot and Coffee August 31, 2016 / 7:01 am

    I’ve been to this island twice and it’s easily one of the most lovable places out there. Aside from the beach, I certainly loved their palengke and all the sorts of food they serve down there. Just thinking about it makes me miss the place already.

    Malapascua is another awesome place too.


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